8th Annual Lafayette Health Awareness Forum

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Aging Well: The latest research on what you can do today!

Do lifestyle factors delay, or even prevent, age-related declines in memory and health? How will aging look in the future? Will recent generations have more health risks than earlier born generations? We know from a number of longitudinal and intervention studies that engagement in physical, mental, and social activities has important influences on cognitive aging and overall health. Recent developments from daily diary studies show that these same factors are associated with daily variation in well-being and cognitive functioning within individuals. While physical and cognitive activity, social engagement, and other health behaviors are important factors in maintaining cognitive and physical functioning over the long term, these same factors matter on a daily basis. Being physically active today is related to your cognitive functioning and well-being today. In this sense, aging well is something we can do on a daily basis.





Stuart W.S. MacDonald PhD, Associate Professor and Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Scholar, Department of Psychology and Centre on Aging, University of Victoria



Click here to watch Lafayette Health Forum 2013 Part 1 – 25 minute video. http://youtu.be/bbk9GH4hA9w

Scott M. Hofer, PhD, Professor and Harald Mohr, M.D. and Wilhelma Mohr, M.D. Research Chair in Adult Development and Aging, Department of Psychology, University of Victoria



Click here to watch Lafayette Health Forum 2013 Part 2 – 24 minute video. http://youtu.be/Uerkp8rgbQ8

Dorothy ‘Sam’ Williams MD FRCPC Geriatrician, Chair Health Authority Medical Advisory Committee VIHA, Chief of Staff West Coast General Hospital, Port Alberni.



Click here to watch Lafayette Health Forum 2013 Part 3 – 25 minute video. http://youtu.be/jmNXbFFBfUQ

Q & A

Click here to watch Lafayette Health Forum 2013 Part 4 Q&A – 24 minute video. http://youtu.be/TlsIZd76Mqw

Darlene Hammell, MD CCFP Assistant Dean Student Affairs, Island Medical Program, University of Victoria, Q and A facilitator

Allen Hayashi, MD FRCS(C), General and Pediatric Surgeon, Head Division of General Surgery, VIHA South Island Clinical Education Leader Dept of Surgery, Island Medical Program, Moderator