Lafayette Health Awareness Series


2019 Lafayette Health Awareness Series presents:

Minding our Health in the Cyber Age:

The Impact of Digital Multitasking on our Well-Being

Thursday October 3, 2019
David Lam Auditorium
7:00-9:00 pm


Paul Mohapel, B.Sc.,M.Sc., M.A. Ph.D.; faculty Royal Roads University and Canadian Medical Society Leadership training program

Session Recording:


Are you overwhelmed with the volume of daily emails you receive?
Do you find yourself trying to do ten things at once?
Have you ever stopped and asked yourself what the impact of multitasking has on the quality of your work and life?

This year’s Lafayette Health Awareness forum will offer recent information how technological devices are impacting our behavior and neurological capacities and explore mindful approaches to using technology both at work and in our homes.

Join us as we look to improve our well-being while “keeping up” in the cyber world.


Poster for October 3rd 2019 event

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For thirteen years the Lafayette String Quartet has joined with health professionals to bring expert information to our community on various health topics which affect us all.

The Lafayette Health Awareness Series began in 2006 with a dialogue on the topic of breast cancer, which impacted the Lafayette String Quartet profoundly when one of its members was diagnosed and treated in 2001. The Lafayette Health Awareness Forum was created to provide expert and updated health information to the public in a free forum on various health topics.

With the quartet’s experience that what affects one – eventually affects us all, it was their wish in their 20th anniversary year (2006) to offer some tangible way to share with the community their gratitude for this universal connection. The Lafayette Health Awareness Forum brings this interconnection to our local community and provides the opportunity for specialists, health professionals and the general public to meet and dialogue on important health topics.

We are again so fortunate to be partnering with the Institute on Aging & Lifelong Health and with their help in sponsoring an interactive research display.

The display will take place at 6:00 pm in the lobby prior to the forum. We invite you to join us for some light refreshments and the opportunity to explore and take part in student projects on a variety of health topics.

A yearly evening event, the forum takes place at the University of Victoria, held on a Thursday evening in the early fall.

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