Quartet Fest West 2024 Dates TBA


Quartet Fest West is an annual Chamber Music Festival that is held on the beautiful campus of the University of Victoria.


Festival includes daily coachings and masterclasses, concerts, chamber music parties, private lessons, Feldenkrais workshops(body awareness and movement) and fun outings. 

Students and visitors to the campus are welcome to stay at University Housing (this is in addition to tuition)

If you are coming as a pre-formed group, one member only should submit two complete and contrasting movements of their group* included with their application. The other members can leave the audio portion of their application blank.

*These movements can be from the same work i.e. a slow movement and a fast movement. They can also be from two different composers. 

UVIC Housing: Housing costs will be posted when they are determined.

Wrist bands available for meals.

*Students 18 and under who are staying in residence must be chaperoned. QFW will supply a chaperone, however extra fees apply.