A Few Resources related to my presentation on eating/overeating: “Weighing in on Fat”

Provided by:
Dr. Mary K. Nixon
MD FRCPC, Child, Adolescent and Family psychiatrist
Clinical Associate Professor, Dept of Psychiatry, UBC

For Adults:

For Youth and Families:

For those with a loved one or friend that you are concerned about, here is the link to the Wikipedia review of Motivational Interviewing, a technique used by clinicians in working with people to effect change related to problem behaviours.  It is important to understand when you are reading this that this is a clinician driven, client centered  therapeutic approach that to be done effectively is done via a trained clinician.  At the same time, understanding certain principles associated with assisting change can help the people around them understand the process.

To quote Winston Churchill:
Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.